Sunday, September 16, 2012

day 8

sunday fun day update:

oh man do i feel better about everything.  i woke up this morning feeling really settled and just plain good.  here is where we have landed in our milk decision - as far as mac goes, he is off dairy & eggs at our house.  as for the rest of the gang, we're gonna try and follow the primal pyramid shown above.  it's the one from mark's daily apple that i've been following for a year or so.  the only thing i have been cheating on is my high fat diary (i was drinking and eating a lot) in the grand scheme of "primalness", i am super super happy about cutting back.

i just reread a great "decide for yourself" dairy post here that is very well written.  and btw, i have not had an ounce of milk for the past two days and i feel like a million bucks:)  today i used almond milk for my morning latte...and you know what?!  i got it to FROTH with my aerolatte!!!  that thing really rocks the hizouse.  i will be trying rice milk next:)

it'll will be interesting to see if we miss milk-milk.


  1. i might need to get one of those aerolatte's for my rice milk.. (;

    1. yes, yes you do:) i think you would like it.


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