Monday, September 17, 2012

SMACK MY FACE it's day 9

i wasn't going to post tonight, but i have to tell you what just happened (well about an hour ago...:)

the tv is on, we're watching some monday night fooooootbaaaaaalllll.  the kids are tucked in bed.  all of a sudden we hear abbie (who usually comes to the railing to ask for a drink or something lame).  she is above us, hanging over the railing, but this time with a book in her hand.  she asks us, "mommy, daddy, what is this word?  P-O-L-E?"  ...she asked us so nonchalantly, as if it's 4pm and she can be up.

chris and i looked at each other, jaws to the freaking floor, this has never ever in-the-history-of-man happened before:  abbie reading ON HER OWN.  how could we be mad that she wasn't in bed!?!?  well, flip me over, smack my sass and call me janet.  holy ballz.  and he went right up to read with her.  AGAIN.

she and i had already read for 30 minutes...and she wanted more.

screamin to the mullies tonight:)  it's working, it's working, it's working.

here's what we had for dinner tonight: let's call it, 

lindsey's brown rice surprise

(i was rachel ray and just eye balled this stuff)

1 chopped onion cooked in evoo with s&p
1 lb grass fed ground beef (thousand hills from target)
...that looked really after i drained the fat i added:
about 1 tbsp of herbes de provence
...hmmmmm, i should probably add a then i added
about a cup of frozen peas
1/2 cup of white wine for some flavor flav
....threw the lid on and let it simmer for about 10 min's.


Here were the kids reactions.

Mac cleaned his plate and had another helping before bed because he was still hungry.  
it was good mom.

Yea, that's about all she ate.  she likes to get her picture taken.  she took four bites with some drama.

don't i look good in my picture day outfit?!  

the sides were veggie chips and some banana slices.  

hello hamburger helper!  but it tasted sooo much better:)

here are some links i found tonight.  bookmarked baby.

kids allergies and their brains

emotional, behavioral and mental allergy symptoms


  1. Congrats on the breakthrough, that will add fuel to your fire! Thanks for adding the links too!

  2. You are hilarious!!! I fell like I am talking to you when I read this! Proud of you girl!!!

    1. i laugh as i write it too, trying to write as i think, ya know? like i would in my diary:) thx christina!!!!


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