Tuesday, September 11, 2012

day 4 din din

brown rice & broccoli with lots of fresh grated parmesan cheese plus s&p (salt n pepper)

toasted and buttered organic bread

veggie chips



btw, when i went shopping the other day, i didn't realize that all pre-shredded cheese has preservatives in it (or at least the ones i picked up).  really?  REALLY!?   i'll have to locate my food processor when i make lasagna next.  pain in my arse.

and here is how din din went:

i tried to make it look pretty.  i swear if my kids couldn't see their food, they'd eat everything...
oh, ok, you're gonna take pictures?  i'll pose, sure mom.  i love pictures.
wait, huh huh, are you serious? 
ok, let me get a hold of myself. 
i have to put that in my mouth?!  just one bite?  yea, no.

hell no.
mommy i don't want to do this anymore.  this is going to make me puke.   
chewing the first bite.  (notice glasses are off due to crying)
ok, i can do this!  after getting the first bite down and realizing it wasn't poisonous, she had about 5 good bites.  I told her all she had to do was try one bite.  She took four on her own.  
cinnamon roll rice - look mom, abbie likes it!  and with just a dribble drabble of honey:)  


  1. Yeah for Abbie! and Yeah for you!!

  2. Ah ha ha ha! Those photos are SO genuine Abbie and Tommy!

  3. Lindsey I'm a few days behind on your blog...you should teach us and run a class! Keep it up and I love the "real picture" so my kids faces when I ask them to try new things. :)


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