Wednesday, September 12, 2012

day 5

we were singing to the mullies this morning.  i turned on material girl and we danced around the kitchen to it.  me abbie and tommy.  T told me the other day i needed to educate her on madonna;)  so it begins.

pears and peanut butter


huge monster hit.

we have been eating these vitamins and fish oil packets every morning.  all 3 kids love the vitamins (gluten, artificial preservative/color/flavor free).  but they are not so keen on the orange flavor of the packets.  i tried putting some dark chocolate chips on mac's...he spit it out in the toilet.  tommy refused, fine.  i told abbie she could pick out a warm fuzzy or big rock for her jar (it's this positive reinforcement thing i do and it works ridiculously every time).  magic.  she squeezed that thing into her mouth like it was gold.

Changed up the lunches a bit today.  turkey and cheese sandwiches (nitrite free applegate farms).  target now has the turkey fresh at their deli, whoop whooop!  i love their bacon too.  

i really like the capri-sun super V, but i'm going to see if i can find something with lower sugar than 14g today.   

i also tried a new brand of yogurt from target.  those siggi's containers just beg you to buy them, they are so chic looking.  it must be the norwegian in me.  the ingredients rock with only 9g of agave sugar.  i only wish it was full fat...  that's the primal in me though:)  i love fat.  cuz it doesn't make me fat.  


  1. little miss abbie is going to rock madonna (; so up her alley!

  2. you should have seen her face when it started playing:) or maybe it was because of me dancing in my pj's to it! HA!


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