Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Set the Table 2018 | A Crab Salad Birthday

Last night was my Mom's birthday! And I made something very simple and special - One of her very favorites! Every year gets better with you in it Mom - I love you to the moon and back!!

A Crab and Shrimp Meat Salad 

3 heaping Tbsp plain full fat greek yogurt
3 heaping Tbsp vegenaise (any favorite mayo will do)
1 lemon's juice
1 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 Tbsp dried tarragon
1/2 tsp Old Bay Seasoning
2 Tbsp fresh chives from our garden
2 Tbsp fresh parsley from our garden
1-2 tsp worcestershire (It was somewhere in between 1-2 tsp "to taste". lol)

16 oz claw crab meat
6 oz lump crab meat
3/4 lb shrimp meat (aka "little baby shrimps")

Mix up the sauce first. Dump in the crab and shrimp meat. Mix. Season more with salt and pepper if needed. Garnish with your favorite greens. I used watercress, kale sprouts and green lettuce. Make it into a sandwich or salad and celebrate this wonderful life!!!

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Enjoy my play-by-play!

We still have pickles from our garden last year!

It's time for new candles at the family table:)

Keep practicing - It all starts at hOMe plate!

To the Mullies we go... 


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