Monday, October 9, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 40

Have you ever made avocado toast?

I savored every.last.bite of mine in Vancouver (The Fairmont Pacific Rim's Breakfast In-room service is a must) for this week's set the table inspiration!

"VANCITY Tartine" Inspired Avocado Toast
Sourdough toast
Smash up and mix: 1 avocado, fresh lime or lemon juice, finely minced tarragon and sea salt
2 poached eggs (or sunny side up)
sea salt and pepper
Bearnaise sauce (optional)

Or pick out one of these 16 Avocado Toast Recipes That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Life

Show off your plate and tag me!


Week 40's Game Plan:

  • Taco Tuesday
  • Avocado Toast of some sort
  • Something with Chicken
  • Something Meatless

Wrap it UP with last week's action:

My most interesting black bean noodle and eggplant bake. Mac loved it (but suggested not "baking" it since the noodles got a little hard in places). I'll just melt the cheese on top next time:)

The next day, I decided to make a pot pie with the salmon leftovers using this recipe as a basic guideline.

I used Immaculate Bakery organic pie crust dough... I had some scraps and decided to make a "superhero" top with my initials.

What can I say? I'm certainly keeping everyone entertained at the table:)

Abbie and Tommy could not remember eating pot pie before so each took one bite and was done. They had a tough time with the look + texture for whatever reason (trying to type in my non-judgy, always-loving Mommy voice). However, Mac took a bite and was pleasantly surprised. "Mom this is really good!" 

Super hero strength back.

Regardless, I'm making it again as Chris missed it and I KNOW he would love it! 

On Thursday, Chris and I jetted off to Vancouver for a lovely long weekend with a group of his co-workers.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge is WOW.

Standing tall with totems in Stanley Park.

Our Stanley Park Hotel perspective.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was CRAZY FUN! An absolute MUST SEE for all nimble ages.

Have you ever seen The Swiss Family Robinson? It was my favorite Disney movie growing up. Thank you Capilano, you brought my imagination back to all kinds of wonder and magic! Let's live and swing in the trees!!!!! To the mullies = YOU.

A super fun Tap and Barrel lunch. I am officially obsessed with Four Season's "Nectarous Sour Beer." I want to fill my fridge with it.

I will never serve mashed potatoes again without an ice cream scoop.

Can you believe these beautiful plates from Hawksworth Restaurant, Vancouver!? Now you know why they are VOTED BEST in the city. Our experience certainly lived up to Hawksworth's amazing reputation! 

Revolver Coffee = Pour over perfection! You know its good coffee when creamer is forgotten:)

Kofta Meatball Kitchen = A ballers paradise! Did you know that "kofta" is the international term for what we call a "meatball"? Well, it's not only one of our favorite foods, but Chris' favorite pet name for me:)  It turned out to be the perfect starter for our sporty day.

Cuz on our way to buy Chris some new "fancy" clothes and we stumbled upon this sign: 


Ummmmm, yes please. AND MORE BALLS!??  

I mean look at Chris' face... PURE ridiculous, unplanned heaven at One Under Urban Golf Vancouver.

Needless to say, we never made it shopping.

Plaid love over 105 year old, original tile.

We spent three hours hitting balls together in our private golf simulation tunnel. It was such a blast!!!

I couldn't figure out why my wrists and forearms were a little sore this morning.
I hit well over 100 balls, and about 75% of them were wicked slices... Probably due, in part, to my super cute, slightly inappropriate, red suede shoes.

Our last spectacular evening gave us sweeping views, delicious food and awesome live music from the top of Grouse Mountain. Swoon. I am officially in the mood for apres ski season!

We had the MOST wonderful time together relaxing, touring the city and eating our little hearts out.
Vancouver truly has it all.

So, if I were you,
I'd totally move there.
Or buy a second home.
Or plan my next sweet vacation there.

I'll be back Canada. You have my heart and most certainly...

It all starts at home plate.

To the Mullies we go...


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