Sunday, July 2, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 26

A Party Time Tuna Salad - HAPPY 4th of JULY!

1/2 c vegenaise (I used the soy free version) 
1/2 c organic whole fat greek yogurt
2 Tbsp spicy pickle juice
1 small organic lemon zest + juice
1 organic orange's zest only
3 Tbsp fresh dill (clipped from my kitchen garden) or 1.5 Tbsp dried dill is fine too!
sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Add a good pinch of sea salt and pepper to start and taste. Add more if needed. If you like your tuna salad more runny, add a spoonful of vegenaise and yogurt each until you have the perfect consistency. Serve with fresh greens, assorted vege (I love cucumber rounds with this!), crackers, rolls, nuts... Party people LOVE options! 

Here is my new tuna salad paired with my Sriracha Egg Salad! I made these yesterday for my soon to be sister-in-law Diane's Bachelorette party! I am so happy the salads were such a huge hit:) 

And here is one more tuna salad incarnation I made for lunch a few weeks ago (with more yogurt/mayo and minus the dill + citrus zest). I have to say, I love the addition of fresh zest and dill!!!

  • Each #SettheTable2017 post begins with a featured recipe(s) + upcoming week's game plan followed by a picture diary of last week's chaos. I sign off every post with a handy reference list of my favorite foodie articles (some new, some repeated). 
  • #CatchmyGrit on my Instagram throughout the week to capture the fun, the food and the family table reactions (good and bad). C'est la vie, I selfy-ishly light it UP in pics and videos to keep truckin! 
  • New to this series? Here's the STORY behind my #SettheTable2017 food adventures with Pure Barre Kildeer.
  • My two go to's for meal planning organization (the grocery list app features are rad): 1. Jamie's Ultimate Recipes App 2. Sarah's My New Roots Recipe App 


  • Taco Tuesday - Taco Turkey Burgers
  • Caramelized pineapple with chili and lime (J - app) or this recipe

    Wrap it UP with last week's action:

    Leftover carrot and red lentil soup, greens and pizza. Yes... frozen freakin grain free pizza.

    Want another slice kids? Eat your greens pretty please.

    The Diamond loves decking out the sriracha egg salad.

    Cauliflower night! I switched up recipes and went to one of my fav's, Gwyneth's Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea salad. I swerved off the recipe by adding a little greek yogurt and vegenaise in place of the dijon, as my kids don't love the tangy flavor I much as I do yet... so this was my "ranchy" version. Organic brown rice ramen and bread on the side.

    Taco Tuesday =  The most delicious taco turkey burger I have EVER made on our barest home plates yet.  I will make these again this week (per Mac and Tommy's request) and I'll post the recipe next Sunday Fun Day... with more veggie sides please!!!

    Do we go out to eat? Yes we do. I took Tommy to my old Northwestern University breakfast stomping grounds - Le Peep of Evanston! Oh the friend + food memories!!! I showed him all around campus and then grabbed Abbie from her last day at the NU women's basketball camp. I cannot BELIEVE I have kids old enough to be in athletic camp... It's pretty crazy rad!

    It all starts on home court!!!!!!

    Home made pizza night! I am still dreaming about Krissy's cauliflower crust, with my blackcurrant jam, organic turkey sausage, grilled onions and Manchego cheese on top.

    Have the most fabulous 4th of July!!!

    I hope it's FULL of good friends, the best fire works and GOOD FAMILY TABLE FOOD. 

    Cheers to living on the Diamond with my Shifley sisters forever!!

    It all starts on home plate.
    To the Mullies we go...


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