Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chef's Tasting Table Day 7 // Super Food Salad + Dragon Fruit

HUGE rocking thank you's to Ambassador Sara Lohrmann's Stevenson High School Gourmet Foods and Food Revolution Club Students for coming out and helping with our 7th Chef's Tasting Table event!

Skoop and the Chef Ann Foundation Organization teamed up to launch the Project Produce Grant Program which awarded Diamond Lake District 76's West Oak School $2500 in funds to help give all students access to more fresh produce and food education during the school day.

It was incredible to watch this team of high school students taste the dragon fruit for the very first time! They prepped + chopped + mixed + INSPIRED real food education in front of over 400 students and staff!!!!

Get Jamie Oliver's Super Food Salad Recipe HERE.

With the Project Produce funds only going towards fresh fruit and vege, this salad was an almost perfect match! The only ingredients from the pantry were quinoa, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar! WOW!

Note: We did not include pomegranates (out of season), nuts (school allergy concerns) or feta cheese (school allergy concerns).

Did you know? Dragon Fruit can also have pink flesh!

The high school students demonstrated how to cut open a dragon fruit and took turns speaking to each lunch about the super food salad produce ingredients.

We left the peels out so that the students could come up and touch them!

West Oak Middle School's principal, Mr Willeford suggested we stuff the dragon fruit with the super food salad... WHAT AN AWESOME food plating idea!

Mrs Kluvers collected all of the dragon fruit peels for her class composting project!

Absolutely hilarious student feedback!

Smiles all around. Even on the students who didn't like the tastings... They were proud of themselves for trying something new!

Enjoy watching our fun interview video with some students!
(Note: Video can be viewed on computer, not on some phones):

I had never seen a dragon fruit or tasted one before. I cut one open the day before the tasting and made this fun video. (Note: Video below can be seen on computer, not on some phones):

See you next month West Oak #D76Diamonds! I can't hardly WAIT!

To the Mullies we go...


Here are the pics from the Stevenson High School foods lab were we cooked the quinoa and roasted the broccoli + sweet potatoes the day before! Thanks again for helping and having me guys!


I'm hungry again now...

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