Sunday, February 5, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 5

It's Superbowl Sunday Fun Day! I can't wait to plank myself on the couch and watch the big game!

  • Here's the STORY behind my #SettheTable2017 food adventures with Pure Barre Kildeer
  • Each Sunday meal plan post begins with a picture recap of the week before (Who knows what may have happened during the week's chaos!) followed by the upcoming week's game plan. 
  • #CatchmyGrit on my Instagram stories throughout the week to capture the fun, the food and the family table reactions (good and bad).

Get creative with leftovers; I cubed up some of the chicken for the Green Goddess Salad and made soup out of the leftover tray bake vegetables (I thawed out some chicken stock from the freezer). I heated everything up together, whizzed it and threw salt and pepper in to taste.

The Green Goddess Salad dressing was a new taste for the table. Chris powered through, Tommy and Abbie couldn't get past the green color... Mac liked it, but prefers my ranch still. I ate most of the Goddess dressing myself.

The kids didn't complain when I served it to them the next day with grilled cheese. I am so happy to have a family table approved leftover  SOUP option for my tray bakes!!! VEGGiE SCORE!! (And they didn't even need the bacon.) Do you spy the cookies on the plate? They are included below in this week's plan!

I didn't make the creamy mac and cheese. The kids just wanted simple PP (Pasta and Parm) - Mac learned how to make pasta.

The table approved my new Taco Tuesday concoction (Alexandra's Kitchen chickpea taco bowls inspired me): 

1 large onion 
8 oz of mushrooms (portabella or cremini) 
14 oz boxed or canned chickpeas
1 lb grass fed, organic beef

Saute the onion first in olive oil until translucent, then add the finely chopped mushrooms and chickpeas. Saute until cooked down. Next, use a potato masher and pulverize the chickpeas into the vege until they are unrecognizable. Then, push the vege to the rim of the pan, place the beef in the middle and break it all up into small bits. Once it's all cooked through, proceed with your normal taco seasoning (I use salsa, chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, turmeric, curry powder, coconut sugar and some water - all eyeballed to taste - you can do it that way too).

Everyone said I could make it that way again. Either, I'm getting better at cooking or my family's taste buds are starting to expand... Either way, it's a major VEGGIE SCORE!!

Abbie requested scrambled eggs twice after dinner last week - She wants to learn how to make them all by herself. So I'm teaching her. That face of panic (because she was spilling in the above pic) was there most of the time. And I was like, It's OK, It's OK!!! The second night, her panic was replace by a super wide smile. "Mom! I didn't spill! I did better this time!" And I said, "YES! It's like playing basketball. Missed baskets are OK!!"

The Quick and Easy Tray-baked Cod bake made a decent premier:) I forgot to buy potatoes so I swapped in cannelini beans instead.

Up this week:
*Note: The first linked or underlined recipe name corresponds to the Jamie Oliver Ultimate Recipes App to help me stay organized (the grocery list feature is rad); However, IF I was unable to find his app recipe online (which keeps the app collections exclusive) I have included a similar link.

Salmon Fish Fingers - Meatless Monday + roasted broccoli

Get Stuck in Nachos (made with mushrooms + chickpeas + grass fed beef) - Taco Tuesday - ( or try Nachos 4 ways) + salad

Home-Made Lasagna (using diced mushrooms seasoned like Italian sausage & zucchini ribbons) + green beans

Mega Homemade Cheeseburgers (or try his Insanity Burger - Watch the first time we made it here) + roasted potato fries + peas

6 Ridiculously Healthy Three Ingredient Treats (Found on Pinterest from

*Here is a handy conversion link for the online euro measurements (the app uses USA measurements).
*If possible, buy antibiotic free meat (Here's why I try to know where my meat is coming from).
*Use the EWG "Clean Fifteen + Dirty Dozen produce guidelines to save money + reduce the pesticides and herbicides (new link!) on your plate. 
*Avoid artificial colors and preservatives - Check your labels, grocery stores offer a variety of clean brands to help protect your family's microbiome --> More guts more glory!

To the Mullies we go...

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