Sunday, January 29, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 4

It's hard to believe I posted last Sunday fun-day from Jackson Hole, Wyoming! The food + ski scene was ridiculous and now it's back to reality!

I did manage to cook one night after we got back home. 

Post vaca cooking re-entry is rough like bear claws on a chalk board

This chicken tray bake is my very favorite to make. I have linked a Jamie Oliver recipe in my recent "Ask a Chef" blog post with Advocate Healthcare and here is another recipe right here. I hope you enjoy the Q&A and be sure to let me know if you try these recipes out! As you can see, I added all sorts of vege to mine.

Lots of vege for the base...

Up this week:
*Note: The listed/linked recipe name corresponds to the Jamie Oliver Ultimate Recipes App (unless otherwise specified) to help me stay organized; However, the actual link may be different IF I was unable to find his app recipe online (which often happens to make the app special!).

Creamy Macaroni and Cheese

  • Probably adding peas and cauliflower to it.

Taco Tuesday - Get Stuck-in-Nachos

Quick and Easy Tray-Baked Cod

Green Goddess Chicken Salad or Proper Chicken Ceasar Salad (can't decide!)

PB&J in a Glass
1 c organic rice milk (or whatever type you prefer)
1 banana
1 c frozen mixed berries
1 T organic peanut butter or almond butter
1 Tbsp ground white chia seeds (if seeds are whole, let soak in 2 Tbsp water for 5 minutes)

Blend all ingredients together in a nutribullet or high speed blender. Option: pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

    *Here is a handy conversion link for the online euro measurements (the app uses USA measurements).
    *If possible, buy antibiotic free meat (Here's why I try to know where my meat is coming from).
    *Use the EWG "Clean Fifteen + Dirty Dozen produce guidelines to save money + reduce the pesticides and herbicides on your plate.
    *Avoid artificial colors and preservatives - Check your labels, grocery stores have clean brands for you and your family. More guts more glory!

    To the Mullies we go...

    Here are my favorite spots from the J-Hole. We were blown away by the friendly locals, the epic food scene and the whole experience has really inspired me at home! 

    The Snake River Brewing Company was the first stop as soon as we got into town - Thanks for the suggestion Alex!! We tasted every beer at the food was equally delish!

    Cafe Genevieve omelette (we are so happy we dined here for our first delicious breakfast).

    An amazing pallet board wall from Moe's Original Barbeque (best collard greens ever - seriously, they ran out of that side dish!)

    Bin 22 - Super cool - Grab a wine bottle from the store (no corkage fee + crazy good wine selection) and pair it up with gorgeously prepared small plates. They make their own fabulous mozzarella!!

    The Handle Bar (The Four Seasons) = amazing K12 grub. Can you tell which plate is mine? Those truffle fries were among the best I've ever had and Chris' Bison nachos were beyond good. Lane Meyer would be proud.

    Sitting pretty under my red and white kitchen twine, are my gorgeous new Persephone Bakery napkins I brought home... I like to imagine I'm still there eating and sipping coffee... The owners are former Chicagoans! No wonder it was my favorite place;) French food + design LOVE!!!!

    The Organic Lotus Cafe - Words won't do the food + design justice, so I won't even try.

    And lastly, LOVE YOU Mom and Dad for watching the kids while we played in the snow and ate our hearts out!! You'll all come back with us someday:)

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