Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chef's Tasting Table Day 4 // Cucumbers and Kiwi

Cucumber and Kiwi's!!!!!!!!

Wash cut and serve. It was that easy. The students couldn't get enough.

Not many teachers or students knew that one could eat the peels of the kiwi's. I didn't know myself until a few years ago... I'll never forget when my Mom told me... Really? Hairy, brown skin = edible!?



Here's a few more fun food facts we shared in the lunchroom:

Did you know the Kiwi Fruit originated from China 600 years ago and was named "Yangtao"?

Did you know that the Yangtao was then imported to New Zealand and renamed "Chinese Gooseberry"? In 1962 it was finally imported to America and renamed the "Kiwi Fruit" in honor of New Zealand's national bird, the "Kiwi".

Crazy right? The kids thought so too:)

We're having so much fun with these Chef's Tasting Table Days! Skoop and the Chef Ann Foundation Organization teamed up to launch the Project Produce Grant Program which awarded Diamond Lake District 76's West Oak School $2500 in funds to help give all students access to more fresh produce and food education during the school day.

It's so fun to experience the growing excitement in the lunchroom with every visit.

To the Mullies we go...

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