Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Children's Nature Festival | Willow Wood Preschool + Food Revolution Lake County

Come join the Lake County Food Revolution team for a fantastic family friendly event with Willow Wood Preschool! I plan on bringing my family and I hope to see yours there too! Link up here for more information about the event.

There will be so much TO DO!!!

If you and your kids want to play at the park enjoy:

Face Painting  
Bounce Houses 
DJ Entertainment

If you and your kids want to learn at the park enjoy:

Painting garden stones and seeing a live worm farm with Kohl Children's Museum.
Creating Tree Ring Necklaces with The Morton Arboretum.
Making a healthy jam jar dip for fresh vegetables with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution with me and our Food Revolution Lake County team!

If you and your kids want to grow at the park enjoy:

Making a newspaper pot to plant bean seeds with the Glencoe Community Garden.
Planting organic carrot and kale seeds with The Home Depot at the Glen.
Enjoying complimentary healthy snacks from Mrs. Green's and a Peet's Coffee Bar.
Eating delicious food from food trucks provided by Bake 425 and La Cocinita.

We are so excited to be a part of the fabulous Willow Wood Preschool event and we look forward to inspiring you and your kids to cook + eat more vege our DIY jam jar dip making station! 

1. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make your own dressings.

2. We're pretty sure it'll kick-start a new kid-led dip making tradition at your family table. 

BOOM. Register HERE and we'll see you Sunday! I can't wait to pack up my swagger van and GO!

To the mullies...

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