Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Soffritto Sister Diaries | A Fremont Garden Tasting - Sage Sea Salt

Terri and I are so excited to begin posting alongside each other today! We'll be sharing a series of blogs about our Summer of 2016 adventures together nice and slow...

Just how we think you should cook a beautiful soffritto.

Mixing fresh herbs with sea salt was something Terri taught me a long time ago and it's simply wonderful. We hope you enjoy using this simple, beautiful technique to spice up your recipes too!

Enjoy and hop on over to my soffritto sister's blog so you can make some too!

Terri's Sage Sea Salt in a Jar

Stay tuned, there will be more recipes to come from that wonderful morning at Fremont Community Garden - Thank you again for having us Alicia!!

To the Mullies we go,

Don't be afraid of recipes with european measurements:)
20 grams = 1.5 Tbsp
I love this handy conversion website.

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