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Part 2 | #FoodRevontheFarm & The Kitchen Notebook

6.24 | Part II - Food Revolution Wednesday

.A Garden Vegetable Soup
.Pea shoot and Tomato filled Crespelle with Bechamel
.Kale Ribbon Salad with Marinated Fennel
.Yogurt "Hangop" with Simple Strawberries

"This recipe for garlic-onion broth is one of many quick vegetable broths in my kitchen notebook. It is based upon the Italian principles and kitchen inventiveness because it is made from scraps. The broth can be used as the basis for a tomato sauce, or for a garden vegetable soup. You can even cook your pasta or rice in it. Funny thing is, the necessity for broth cubes suddenly disappears. You can cook it down into a stock as well."
- Terri Salminen


Dear Terri,

Lunch was on time and it was glorious! Our time in the kitchen last Wednesday went very fast and my brain only hiccuped a few times. My multi-tasking and teaching abilities are being stretched to the max and this is a very.good.thing. Your menu of soup, stuffed pancakes, salad and dessert was rock solid and well loved! We discussed how a menu can be "fancy" sounding or "simple" sounding depending on the inclusion of words we do not understand. "Mise en place", "bechamel", "crespelle" and "soffritto" can be so intimidating! But not anymore...

No longer just a "garbage bowl" of vege scraps! Who knew carrot peels and onions tops were for making a quick vegetable broth

Rolling and ribbon cutting kale. 

Cooking = art.

Notice anything wrong with this pot? As soon as I finished taking these pictures my face went white and I thought, wait, OMG the recipe calls for a soffritto! AHHHHHH TERRRRIIIIIII! I cannot even count how many times I have made a soffritto as the base for soups and sauces. In that moment, I flashed back to my freshman year at NU, losing my head as I ran the bases, mindless of how many outs there were or who was on second base as I was thinking of running as fast as I could.. My coaches would stare me down as I jogged back into the dugout and ask, "Lindsey, what were you thinking out there?"   

Who's on first?!

Thank you for saving the soffritto Mr. Colander. I figured out how to fix it lickity split. 

Sorted vegetables.

And the kitchen dropped perfection just.like.that.

Mistakes turn into magic.

Much much better.

The oregano, mint, lemon and red pepper made for a wonderful spicy herb garnish for the soup. We have some spicy palates here Terri! They want hot sauce on everything! I love it!

I think my favorite part of the day was teaching Eric and Eddie how to make a simple bechamel. Now they know how to make a base for any cream sauce... including homemade mac and cheese!

The guys were pretty darn good at flipping pancakes. We almost got one airborn!

Here is our yogurt "hangop" after "hanging out" in the fridge for an hour. It's amazing how much thicker the yogurt became! 

Lemon zesting for our simple strawberries to go alongside the yogurt "hangop". I just love your strawberries with lemon and lavender that you wrote about too! I have some lavender in my front garden and I have never used it in anything yet.

We take breaks, read your "Food for Thought" and reflect on how the dishes might fit into our home kitchens.

The crespelle is ready!! 

The buckwheat gave the pancakes a much darker color than any of us were used to seeing. They were slower to move off the pan at first, but as soon as everyone tasted them, seconds and thirds commenced until they were all gone

"Hangop" = mega success.  

After lunch, Shannon (one of our crew leaders) reviewed the work done on the farm. 

Then, Eric and Leslie took a thumbs up/thumbs down feedback tally of the lunch menu. I love this so much. It reminds me of what we do at my family table!

Lastly, we had just enough time to fit in Jamie Oliver's TedX speech. Only a few of the crew had ever heard of him before this Summer. It was wonderful to watch him speak about food education in the little blue farm house, to hear his voice, to feel his passion and the Food Revolution's purpose seeped deeper into all of us.


Tomorrow we begin again, cooking farm to table - Part III.

L & the #pfc



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