Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cooking up Summer with the Prairie Farm Corps

My family table is growing farm to table this Summer!

I begin teaching and cooking with the participants of the Prairie Farm corps tomorrow, the first "Food Revolution Wednesday" out of 15 glorious days. I cannot believe I get to be a part of this extraordinary program alongside Leslie Grill, the full time Prairie Farm Corps Kitchen Coordinator. She is a gift and boy do I love that red hat!

A year ago, I was invited as a Farm to Table lunch guest. I left inspired and began meeting with Eric Carlberg (Prairie Farm Corps Director + Educator) last Fall to become more involved with their food education programming. I am honored and so very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Prairie Farm Corps team and in doing so, connect them to one of my most treasured friends in the Food Revolution community:

Terri Salminen | Friend. Private Chef. Culinary Instructor. Food Stylist. Writer. JOFR Super Ambassador. Member of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance.

Ever since Terri and I found ourselves to be reading Michael Pollan's "Cooked" at the same time two years ago, our lives and dreams have become interwoven in a modern day penpal friendship. T minus four weeks and counting, we'll be moving from "on the line" into "real time".

"The Kitchen Notebook - A guide to cooking beautiful food with a storehouse of pantry ingredients" will serve as the kitchen methodology in our team effort. Terri is the driving genius of this collection of thoughts and recipes and I am having a ball contributing my passion and experience into our first food education collaboration... or should I say ignition.

  • Read all about the innovative Prairie Farm Corps program HERE.

  • Meet Terri while she's here! Come join us in July at the Bryon Colby Barn for two incredible evenings of cooking, learning and eating farm to table. RSVP today and learn all about our two Chef in Residence Cooking Classes (Wednesday evenings: July 15 + 22) HERE.             **FYI, Classes will be limited to 15 participants and we're almost full!**

  • Learn more about our Liberty Prairie Foundation/Prairie Farm Corps collaboration in the Chicago Tribune HERE.

My dearest Terri, can you believe it?! The teleportation machine I ordered way back in 2013 has finally come off backorder!



  1. I wish my teleportation machine would get here already!!! What an amazing program!!! Super exciting - Yay for farm to table!!

  2. Lindsey! What a great experience you'll have to run workshops with Terri @ Prairie Crossing! I'm going to check my schedule to see if I can attend one of them! xo


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