Monday, April 13, 2015

#howdoYOUsmashit | Food Revolution Day 2015

Every year since I have been an Ambassador for the Food Rev, I have gathered with this group of girlfriends (Christina, Megan and Stacey are all teachers too!) and our 11 kids. Boy did we have fun this time around. 

Did you enjoy opening weekend for Major League Baseball?! My passions are colliding in the kitchen this year for Food Revolution Day:

Softball/baseball + Food + Music + Dancing = BALLS OUT FUN in the kitchen.

Let's bring some of that infectious athletic perseverance into the busiest room in the home. It's what keeps me at it and I hope this video inspires YOU too;)

What sport or passion can your family bring into the kitchen to keep you swinging at cooking a few times a week?! Rolling pins, bats, field hockey, lacrosse sticks... OH MY! What do you have in your sport bucket to smash those veggies good!? Make sure that aim is right-on though, kay?! (for the family table's sake)

I can't hardly wait for Jamie Oliver to put out his official "Squash-it Sandwich" cooking video. Hop on over to to get this recipe and 22 more ideas for meal planning and cooking with kids. His video will be played all around the world in classrooms and in homes on May 15th | Food Revolution Day to teach and inspire us all to fight for food education around the world.

Have you signed his G20 Food Education Petition yet? Spread the word birds.

In the meantime, here's what we did with his fabulous recipe:

Huge mega thanks to my hot mama girlfriend Megan of Memories by Megan who snapped her camera throughout our cooking class. You are so crazy talented!!

I'll be posting the rest of her beautiful #howdoyousmashit pictures in an upcoming #52tries post soon!



Speaking of talent, hop on over to today - my sis Katie taped herself playing and singing her new uke! WHAT!? Wishing I could teleport so I could hear her all the time... And how in the world did she learn how to play that thing so fast!?!?

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