Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#FRD2014 Rainbow Wrap Your Kids

i made that sucker on my iphone... can you believe IT!?  that toy is my joy... and mac tells me almost everyday to put it in our phone jail.  point needed and taken... :)

you can find the rainbow wrap recipe here at www.foodrevolutionday.com with loads of other recipes to try out with your kids!

when i was thinking about doing this video, i originally wanted to do it to this song... hence the goober pics of me touching my girlfriends with my red spoon to spark them UP.  well, when i put the music to it, with all of us smiling like fairy-food-godmothers, mac was sitting next to me: we looked at each other with our brows furrowed and he so eloquently stated, "mom, this is NOT going to work... it's way to hard core..."  

so i started marinating on another song choice and remembered the free songs for a healthier america album that i downloaded for last year's food day 2013 in october (i played the songs in my kids' school lunch periods for our big apple crunch).  i literally started jumping in the driver's seat of my van when i got to "stronger"... i new immediately that it was my golden child.  what a hip album for kids and what better way to get them thinking about moving and eating better together in the kitchen!!!

megan and stacey are my red-headed wonder twin girlfriends.  they brought their kids (6 in total) and christina (the other half of lake country food revolution) brought her two girls.  together with my three rug rats, we had a party of 11 and they all rotated in and out, stayed when they wanted to, left when they wanted to.  the boys were the most interested which rocked our worlds.  megan took the majority of the pictures (her photography skills kill me) and we took turns picking up my iphone to get video here and there.  i think we all share the same brain sometimes!

all three ladies are teachers.  meg and stace are elementary school teachers and christina is a high school gourmet food teacher and clothing design teacher.  they were with me for the very.first.cooking.video (their brother paul put that one together for me!) which still gives me goose bumps when i watch it...  the song, the ages of our kids, the beginning of it all... they are pretty special gals and i'm so lucky & happy to be spreading our energy for food education together!! 

more than anything, i hope this video inspires you to cook with your kids more often... to get messy, to experiment and to connect in the kitchen.  start with one day a week and see where it takes you:)  i'd love to hear how it goes!!!  and just remember, even thought this night was a huge success, i've had plenty that have blown.up.in.the.face so stick with it and you'll get what you're looking for... i promise!  
we hope to see you at one of our lake county food revolution day events next week!



  1. I feel so energized from watching this!

  2. Lovely video, Lindsey, the kids look like they're having a ball. Hope lots of people are inspired to get involved in Food Revolution Day.

  3. Love the video! Each one gets better! You're a pro now!


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