Wednesday, April 30, 2014

finding inspiration to cook with your kids & party on for #FRD2014

the food revolution has tons of inspirational videos on their lovely youtube channel and i'm having a ball adding our mullies food love to it all.  i hope you enjoy browsing around as much as i do!

here's a little sneak peak at the crazy #FRD2014 rainbow wrap cooking party we had on monday night... OMG was it FUN... boys LOVE beet juice!!!!  

...i need to lock myself in a closet and put it all together already:)  

helllllerrrrs, that pic says it all!  megan, your picture prowess kills me!

and lastly but not leastly... 

THIS IS TODAY LOVELY AMBASSADOR PEOPLE!!!!!!  see you at 1pm CST with your egg salad sam-iches. 

don't forget to get.your.tweet.on and join me, jennifer and jeff afterwards for a #FoodPatsChat around 2:10ish CST (the film is 74 minutes long).  

RSVP and call in for a looooooong lunch break:)


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