Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter in the mullies & happy earthy day!

to the mullies we go!

wait... don't jump.  that water's too freakin cold still.

here's our easter recap starting with the day before festivas...

the day before easter = flour making day... i had the white stuff all over my face 48 cups later. thankfully, christina came over and dusted my nose off.

that sounds super bad.

we made naturally dyed eggs for the first time.

here is the sweet "how to" link from another local mom who made a successful food change to help her child with ADHD and subsequently found jamie oliver's food revolution loooong before i even did:

but mom said: dye free easter eggs

cool your dye off.


chris thought so while trying to match up eggs.

minions are my favorite.

batman forever.

yes, we eat sweets & put stickers on our face.  the best quality we can get our hands on...

i like to dress up all classy like.

my parents, kiddos grandparents, our next door neighbors = riot

making "wentel tee-fingers!"

75 degree easter = driveway beach party

today's earth day = don't forget to water my seedlings.  i am growing a bigger garden this year.




forgot our lemon zucchini bread in the oven for 4 hours... oh christina may our kitchen adventures go on and on and on...


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