Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a #FRD2014 love letter to my peeps

Hello Food Revolution Community!

I am having a ball sharing and hearing about everyone’s preparations for Food Revolution Day 2014.  I cannot wait to watch how our efforts will collectively light.up.the.globe on and around May 16th!

I have had several ambassadors reach out to me and ask about the film I am using in my #FRD2014 initiative.  In an effort to spread the Food Revolution Day inspiration & planning ideas, I’m thrilled to announce that the Food Patriots will be offering an exclusive online Food Patriots screening and post twitter chat to our Food Revolution Ambassador Community! 

I have partnered with Jennifer and Jeff Spitz, the filmmakers of Food Patriots to bring public screening and discussion events to our Lake County Food Revolution Day festivities.  Ever since watching the rough cut of the film during the early weeks of my Ambassadorship (November 2012… only a month into my own family food change!), I knew this was the film that would help me dig deep into my community and reach uninitiated individuals to join the Food Revolution.  I was a newbie myself!  Fast forward to today, the newly released Food Patriots’ film helps me to connect with the often frustrated and overwhelmed individuals and parents who are interested but stuck in how to get to a more “cooked”, real food lifestyle.  There are so many awesome food documentaries out there, and though extremely educational, some films leave a “newbie foodie” a tad overwhelmed with an ounce or two of angry bewilderment.  How do you join the team when you feel like you don’t belong or that you are too.far.behind in the real food game?  Food Patriots is a great first stepping stone, one that imparts a message of gathering towards a workable, doable, worthwhile movement… the FOOD REVOLUTION! I love how Food Patriots’ audiences leave inspired, un-judged and excited to make small changes in their family’s kitchen and buying habits; It effectively reframes food attitudes; It helps audience members to realize each small change CAN be fun and WILL make a big difference; It cooks up a fire of belonging; It sheds “elitist” stereotypes and thus helps build a community team focused on increasing food education in our homes, schools and workplaces!  Heck yea, this film sends me “to the mullies” everytime!!!!

There are lots of ways to gather around this film for FRD or anytime of the year.  I am hosting my book club for a home screening on May 7th.  Together with Christina Erickson, my Food Rev Lake County teammate and Stevenson High School Teacher, we will hosting a large 400 person Food Patriots public screening & discussion event at SHS on May 14.  Lastly, we are screening the film on a more intimate scale on May 16th for “A Food Revolution Dinner and Movie” with the filmmakers as part of our Food Revolution Day Festival being held over May 16th and 17th.  Gotta love the screening options!

**Come join us on Wednesday, April 30th at 1pm CST for an Food Rev Community exclusive online movie screening of the new documentary Food Patriots (74 minutes), followed by a twitter chat (#FoodPatsChat)!  The filmmakers will be online for the Q&A.  Media is invited.  RSVP at
http://www.foodpatriots.com/FoodRev14.  Password:  ambassador**

I can’t wait to share this extraordinary, nuanced film with you all!  Cheers to each of you for your “power of one” and for spreading the Food Revolution far and wide this year! As always, let me know if you have any questions about this event and I’ll see you online!

Super Wide High-5’s (Try and do this to someone right now… it’s really funny bunny)

Lindsey Shifley
Food Revolution Lake County 

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