Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the mullies + the dominican republic = rad

yup i got my self in some dudu alright.

before i take you on my wild vacation ride, i just found this AMAZING article connecting ADHD to food sensitivities and it 100% correlates to our family's experience.

food intolerance and ADHD - what every parent should know  then check out & bookmark this sweet ADHD blog later when you have more time.

a lot of people wonder what in the world "to the mullies" means...

we're all trying to get somewhere
whether we are
in our house
or on a vaca
swinging from a tree
or a zip line
or some monkey bars
or simply trying to get down the stairs
it's time to take a chance
and try to get where we want to be
there's nothing to lose
we may fall a bit awkwardly
but it is always and forever

here's a little video that perfectly explains: me = swinging to the mullies 

now you know how i like to go for it... balls out baby.  no regrets... i guess until i break my face in la la land.

me and my guy love the dominican republic.

i'm that blog right now... jet setting and showing off... but this here's my little diary and one must share when we get to swing far away into wonderlands.

it was two vacations in one:
the first five days were spend with my wonderful sis and bro-in-law.
the second five days with a big group of lovely friends.

from cabarete's el magnifico hotel to cabrera's villa de flor - thank you from the bottom of my full belly up to my big heavy heart - i hope the memory of good-family-friends-food-sun-surf will live in my brain forever.

i have fallen for you, mi republica dominicana... with a big splash.

enjoy my super serious zoolander illustrated portfolio.  katie

do you think i could kite board like that someday?

everyone fought over reading tina fey's bossy pants.  hold on to your b-holes, you'll lol on every page... i'm not kidding about that... the entire beach could hear us.

the = la casita de papi.  i will be chasing this "a la papi sauce" for the rest of my life...  stay tuned for that adventure:)

and then we landed in cabrera's villa de flor...


we still have water in our ears from waterfall jumping, cliff repelling and scuba diving... wicked stuff.

my best and biggest wishes to a new friend, ty.  have a ball in your upcoming adventure to pennsylvania and i hope you get to connect up with food revolution pittsburg.  when and if you ever return from the states to your lovely dominican home, may the food rev follow you and your wonderful dreams.  there is no doubt you will no matter where life takes you my friend.

thank you thank you thank you

miss you, love you and with our three little amigos soon:)


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