Friday, March 28, 2014

come join us at IIT - a food patriots screening event with net impact!

spread the word birds!

come join us this coming thursday at IIT for a free screening and film discussion of food patriots! i'm so honored and excited to have been invited as a food ambassador & food patriot to help inspire others towards a healthier real food life!

here's the story of how this all came together...

this past december, i reached out to jennifer and jeff spitz, the fabulous filmmakers of the food patriots with a #FRD2014 initiative to get as many people as i could to "become food patriots and join the food revolution".  soon afterwards, she invited me to a lovely women in green event downtown to meet in person for the first time!  before jennifer and i connected up, i met xiaoqian (flora) ruan of IIT's net impact.  flora was intrigued by my food ambassadorship with jamie oliver's food foundation and we networked with a small group of women for about 20 minutes about real food, the food industry, cooking from scratch and getting our global message out.

flora & net impact invited me out to speak as a food rev ambassador and after discussing my connection to the food patriots and the incredible impact of the film, they decided to host a screening!  what fun!!

so that's the story of how this exciting event came to be and i'm just super juiced about it all!!  big thanks to jenna giandoni, the president of net impact tech chapter who has been wonderful in helping to coordinate the event with the food patriots - i'm in countdown mode to meet you all!!

so, check those busy calendars and come to an event that could inspire some BIG growth in your newly sprouting

see you there baby!!


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