Monday, February 10, 2014

cook off your chili willies!

i mean helllleeeeerrrrrrs....

my crock is so good that i don't even enter my own chili cook off - i mean, i'd win it every year!  HA!

our 4th annual chili cook off was a smashing hit - i hope you super love the pics as much as i do.  

so get your peeps together and get your crocks rockin with some chili or soup!!!!    

super sangria 
(fills up my jug-a-lug)

3 bottles of shiraz
1 liter orange peach mango juice
1 cup apricot brandy
1 cup triple sec
2 cans orange la croix
2 cans peach pear la croix
sliced lemons and oranges
frozen raspberries (ooooops, they are still in my freezer... forgot em!!!)

combine all the liquors and chill.  right before serving, add the la croix and frozen raspberries.  
slice up lemons and oranges or whatever fruit you want and drink up!

the only way to announce the winners!  on top of the island!

the coveted apron WINNERS!!!!!

congrats to tanya on her 1st place chili: "chuck norris oatmeal" & to john on his 1st place soup: "shrimp gumbo".  john overwhelmingly received the most votes even after my pig of a husband ate all of the shrimp.

two claps for lisa, our 2nd place soup winner with her thai coconut lentil soup!

brett (on the right with my first apron ever made!), is the 2nd place chili winner with his delicious chili (the name is so creative that i can't write it down).  once again, he got to take home his prized shake weight:)  hee hee, keep pumping iron dude, perhaps you'll get a new apron someday!

meg and stace rocked the dessert out of the park... the name says it all!

oh what fun times!!!!

to all of you pluggin along on your 2014 food revolution resolutions so far... 

have you pitched out the fake food yet or WHAT!?!?!?!?

go on, get together with your friends and family and cook up some

let it go and pitch it out!!!



  1. Your chili cook-off looks like so much fun. I don't know why I never thought to do something like this. I have friends that are terrific cooks...........and love to have their pictures taken. LOL!

    1. you must DO IT christina!!!! please let me know how it goes and most definitely post your sweet chili pics on your blog!:) xoxo


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