Monday, January 27, 2014

real food waterfalling into night class

my girlfriend catherine's personal family food change story prompted me to try it with abbie 1.5 years ago.  she successfully turned ADHD upside down with her son 7 years ago and passed that knowledge onto me when i was ready.  

her water drop ignited my waterfall.

last thursday night, she and i teamed up to give a short presentation on real food to an adult english language learning class (catherine has 1/2 of her face peaking out from the back row, HA!).  i am so happy we decided to take some last minute pics together with some of our new "real food" friends.  it was a wonderful night for everyone and we stayed longer than anticipated... which is always a good sign that it was fun and informative:)

catherine shared her story... then i shared mine.  she brought examples of store bought food, with and without harmful processed food ingredients like artificial color, added sugar and preservatives.  

we talked simply about the importance of educating ourselves, our family and friends about real food:
  • where does our food come from?
  • what is in our food?  label reading and food marketing
  • cook from scratch more often - get our kids involved!
  • bring food education back into our schools!
  • make a 10% change - food patriot buying power sends a signal to the market place that!  
i shared some resources like the food revolution lake countymundelein and food revolution latino facebook pages.  thank you chef maria elena (argentina), noelia fernandez (argentina) and caro jaime (el salvador) for doing such an incredible job admin'ing global latino community fb page.  ¡muchas gracias mi amigas!

i tell you what.. it's nostril-numbing cold here right now.  school has been cancelled for today and tomorrow already.  yowzas!

stay warm and cook something cozy!



weekly meal plan update:

i made jamie o's pan baked hit 'n' run chicken recipe a few nights ago and it ROCKED.  (chris texted me at class to say so!)  sorry, forgot to take pics, but it turns out exactly like the lovely link pics - super easy - super tasty - super awesome!!!

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