Monday, December 16, 2013

merry merry insta-planning

i am having a ball with this instagram contest.

gonna get my kids in on today's challenge when they get home.  my clementines are gonna love it.

i just started instagramming before thanksgiving and i'm hooked by the arse.

here is what i've been up to: snap snap snap.

in other news...

here is some nerdy reading for the week:

spectrum disorders & microbe diversity in the gut

why the exploding gluten sensitivity?

is wheat-free just a trend?

"being brave *is not* about having no fear; 
it's about feeling the fear 
and then doing what needs to be done."
- brian johnson - en*theos

i love that.



  1. Aw...thanks for the schedule shout-out!

    1. well of course... it's one of my favorite days:) just wish we could be going to a special show together for a night on the town!!! really miss those days with grandma and the whole family! xoxo


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