Friday, December 20, 2013

dark chocolate peppermint popcorn is to.die.for

it's holiday party tiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!

this popcorn is super crazy fantastic.  it combines my three loves:  popcorn, dark chocolate and peppermint.

so you can do one of two things:  shake and bake some popcorn on your own (it's so fun and delicious and i prefer hot and homemade) or cheat like i did this time and buy some great quality popcorn (with no fake ingredients please!).

the best dark chocolate peppermint popcorn ever
(this makes about 20 sandwich bag size servings)

3 bags trader joe's organic olive oil popcorn
2 bars high quality organic dark chocolate chocolate (i used trader joe's dark chocolate truffle)
1 handful (about 25 pieces) trader joe's peppermint candy (no artificial red!)

make a double broiler to melt your chocolate:  fill a small saucepan with water and place a bowl on top over medium heat.  put the chocolate in the bowl and melt away.  spread out your popcorn on five cookie sheets.  muddle & crush the peppermint candies until you have a nice chunky, powdery consistency (no mortar and pestle?  put it in a sturdy gallon plastic bag and pound it good).  once chocolate is creamy take a spatula and just wiggle waggle the chocolate over the top of the popcorn, all over the place.  with your hand, pinch up the crushed peppermint and evenly dust the top as much as you want...  it's your popcorn!!!  let it dry and try not to eat the whole damn tray... i dare you.

be warned, this stuff is amazeballs and you really must make it for your holiday parties.

now i have a 3rd grade party to crash.  i hope they like what i have in store for all of them:

dark chocolate peppermint popcorn
gluten free banana chocolate muffins
green holiday smoothies:  2-3 handfuls of packed spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 pear, juice from 1/2 orange, juice from 1/2 lemon, frozen mixed berries/mango, water - zoom zoom

that's right, i'm making green smoothies for them for them to try.  i did this in abbie's halloween party and it was a huge.monstrous.hit.  well, for most of them;)

i'll report back, you filthy animals.



have you ever played chubbie brussels?  you really must try it:)


  1. it is OFFICIAL. you are a nut! licking the bowl. and the spatula. oh my. (;


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