Tuesday, November 19, 2013

where art thou my chop chop? got local turkey?

it's almost t-day!  are you ready?

i took the kids and went on a road trip to visit my bff laura - aka "chimmie" over veteran's day weekend.  we stayed in our pj's all day on sunday and made these homemade-paper-quilted-turkeys. we found the inspo here while we were on a hayride.  we're trying not to rush the xmas decorations... and i swear, we were only on pinterest for like 2 seconds...

speaking of turkeys...  

do you know where your turkey is from?

for the first time, my parents are getting a local, sustainably raised, organic turkey rather than getting the cheapest deal in town.  

here are some reasons why to kick mass produced meats of your plate by dr frank lipman.  still in the hunt for a local turkey here in illinois?  try caveny farms - they are part of the slow food movement and they raise heritage birds on pasture.  "know where your food comes from.  know your farmer".  

gobble gobble


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  1. YOU GIRLS!! so so crafty, i LOVE your turkeys! gobble gobble!!


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