Sunday, October 6, 2013

jump suiting into a wildcat homecoming

the mullies went on a northwestern homecoming adventure.

we started the morning strong as tommy helped me beat egg whites to make our ritual saturday morning waffles. growing up, my mom called them power waffles and made them for me before every weekend softball game. they really are that magical.  i give them 1/2 credit to my string of triple perfect games back in high school (homemade waffles=a 21 strikeout game)  check out my last waffle post in case you too want to power up and make the best gluten free waffles in the

the purple was flowing freely yesterday as i got to play again with a huge group of wildcat softball alumni.  the field is named after the epic coach who recruited me, Sharon Drysdale... and she was there!!!  what a hoot we all had taking batting practice, playing slow pitch (no injuries please) and reminiscing on our playing days.  thank you so very much to the very best coaching staff ever: Kate (who was my assistant coach in '98 & '99), Caryl and Courtnay!  i love how you bring the past, present and future together - the fieldside tailgate rocked and i can't wait to join my softball fam next year!!  

seriously, how much do you love with my new northwestern jumpsuit!?  the monsoon came and brought the cold front i was hoping for so i could don my sweet arse getup.  hello cold weather tailgating here i come!!  the jumpsuit crew is owned and operated by the coolest neighbors and friends around (eat local and buy local, right!?)  so, in honor of an amazing NU homecoming weekend (plus the fact that everyone & their brother asked me where i found mine) i am tickled to give any interested mullies folks 10% off - just use "themullies" at checkout:)  psssssssss - they have the fighting ilini too or you can customize your own:)  the jumpsuit boys were at the game too and they definitely made my fav t-shirt with this creation:

i really thought fitz and the boys had those nuts crushed... damn those buckeyes!  

and for the very best news from evanston, the mullies would like to officially welcome the newest addition to our softball family - welcome to the world sweet Ellis Pearl.  i can't wait to meet you:)  

"!!"  GO CATS!!!!!


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  1. okay, that jumpsuit is ridic! and these photos, oh that tommy boy and you and miss abbie's faces, too funny, love this post! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!! stupid buckeyes, ha! (;


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