Thursday, October 3, 2013

come google chat with me and the food revolution!


it's time to google chat with the food revolution!

join us TODAY at the food revolution community's google + page or you can tune into the food rev's youtube channel here at noon CST!

today we're kaboodling about social media and i am so excited to be a part of the conversation!  there will be three other global food ambassadors that i'd like to introduce you to!  meet chef CJ Miller respresenting Bowling Green, Kentucky; Katherine Parent representing Barrie, Canada and Muriel Strobos representing Curacao.  in addition, our fab food revolution community manager, Sarah Curl will be moderating the bunch of us so go grab some lunch and join us all!

i can't wait to share the tidbits i've learned along the way and i'm super excited to learn more about how to keep rocking it out in cyperspace from these three awesome ambassadors!

if you aren't able to tune in live, no worries, it'll be there forever so tune in later at your leisure!!

be chattin soon!!


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  1. you look so beautiful in this picture!!! can't wait to watch..


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