Sunday, September 22, 2013

who wants to make a video? a food tube star is about to be crowned!

i have been keeping tabs on jamie oliver & uncle ben's search for a food tube contest and wanted to write as it is wrapping up today!  

abbie and i just watched finalist amber kelley's latest video together on the couch.  as soon as it was over, she wanted to watch another and excitedly asked, "mom, can i help you make breakfast today!?"  now that's what i'm talking bout!!!!  no lecturing or nagging from mom needed after you watch this little star.

so who is going to be the next food tube star!?  there is no doubt that felicitas pizzaro is on the road to victory.  she's kicking bootie with over 14,000 likes for her fabulous video.  i am looking forward to seeing her on the food tube cuz she "had me at merlot too"!!!

in honor of this super fun contest wrapping up today, paul (the superman behind my entry) and i wanted to extend a little gift out there to anyone who would like help in creating a Visual Keepsakes montage for the upcoming holidays (gulp, yes they are coming...) or just because you want to!  here is link to one of his family's montages that gives me the tinglies everytime.  i hope it'll get your creative juices flowing for what he could create for you and yours.  a summer sports recap, vacation memories, a birthday or an anniversary gift... the sky is the limit, right?!  in case you did not get a chance to see the other videos he has done for me in the mullies, here they are:  a mullies cooking class & a mullies suit and tie cooking party.  we watch them over and over and over...

Visual Keepsakes would like to offer any mullies readers 10% off a video creation.  basic photo montages start at $50 and videos start at $75.  pretty rad huh?  

Paul Molidor

just tell him i sent ya.

congratulations to the five finalists, high fives to felicitas for smashing it and i hope you love the food tube as much as we do!!  i am particularly loving the new save with jamie videos.  save some $$$ and save your belly... yes please, may i have another?


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