Tuesday, September 17, 2013

spreading seeds & volunteering

i took abbie and tommy with me last saturday morning to our local whole foods market - kildeer kids' day of service at citizens for conservation.  i wasn't sure what to expect but knew this little adventure had all the right bones for the three of us.  volunteers and members gather every saturday morning from 9-11am at their barrington site all year round.  i will definitely be bringing my love bugs back (i can't wait to see what mac thinks about it all - the little bugger had flag football).

we saw two beautiful cranes who live on the reserve, learned about prairie restoration, filled a whole bag of seeds and finished the morning with a lovely picnic provided by whole foods kildeer.  thank you tanya and WF for such a great kids' event.

i wonder where our little compass seeds will find a home?  it's fun knowing and teaching the kids that we are part of something BIG and that our few hours of work will spread beyond our knowledge and time on earth.  

oh stop me, i'm gettin all sappy now...  


if you think your kids are gonna be all cheery and happy to volunteer, well, it might not work out like you picture it.  my kids did not "skip to my lou my darling".  as it was our very first time doing something like this, the enthusiasm was definitely lacking.  they perked up occasionally, got bored, picked some seeds, listened to the members teach and mostly whined to go home.  two hours is definitely their max and that's ok.  they loved eating!!!

when we got in the car, i asked "so, did you two have fun!?"  and they both surprisingly said yes and that they'd do it again.  

well, hot diggity.  our family volunteering phase has finally begun.  the whines are rolling off easier, that's for sure.


  1. LOVE this! We will go next time! BTW, I love that you admit your kids were whining to go home! I'm sure mine would be doing the same, but it's just an introduction, right??

    1. Yes that would be so fun to go together Kristy!! Honesty is so the best policy, right!? And yes it's just the beginning!! xo

  2. love that last picture of you so happy and smiling (;

    1. that one is my favorite too, especially abbie's expression. she is like, "omg, mom get me outta here, i just want to play with my rainbow loom!!!!"


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