Wednesday, August 28, 2013

links to love & bento boxing

a nice quickie post for hump day.

i could not pass this link up.

i love finding other families whose food change stories run parallel with mine.

enjoy!  this one gave me the tinglies:)

against all grain - Cannon's story

in other news...

here is this morning's lunchie munchie bento boxing:


i have easy breakfasts on the brain.

and i want to make these zucchini coconut cookies soon, today maybe? with some gf flour of course:)

omg, zucchini nachos... yes please.

do you like pasta?  we sure do and here's a post to help you find the best.

i'm hungry.


oh and just in case you haven't seen... my entry to become Jamie Oliver's next food tube star:)

yea baby yea!!!!

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  1. love the bento boxes! and the pasta link, don't forget the brown rice pasta! (;


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