Thursday, August 29, 2013

hot mamas and papas - a whole fish fry

real men in kid aprons.

captain america showed iron man how to fry a whole fish and it was a huge hit.

the kids could not believe there was a real fish in our house.  it went something along these lines:

tommy:  ewwwwww, is that an eyeball mama??l!  i don't want the eyeball.
abbie:  gross, we are going to eat a real fish!?  i don't want the eyeball!!!!
mac:  omg, cool!!!!!  do i have to eat the eyeball?!!

it's part of the disconnect we have from our food source.

bring on the food education - this was a 1st for the mullies kitchen!

kurt and christina found this red snapper at our local mariano's grocery store.  it was so much less expensive to buy the whole fish vs have it filleted (that word just doesn't look right... filleted...)

we had some celebrating to do: christina applied and was officially accepted as a new mundelein food ambassador!  yea baby yea!  welcome to the global ambassador team my dear!!!!

seasoning with s&p.

kurt's fish seasoning plate:
sliced lemons
freshly chopped parsley
minced garlic
sliced red onion.

can i get a what what!?

look, it's my homemade ketchup as a salmon marinade!!!

prepping the zucchini for the grill:

freshly picked green beans:
3-4 whole garlic cloves
roughly chopped almonds (those didn't make the pic, sorry!)

preheat your oven at 375 degrees and roast em for 15-20 minutes (we didn't have enough room on the grill)

our whole red snapper, halibut filets and salmon.

apron man love!!!!

can't you just hear the them sizzling on the cast iron!!!

we also roasted up some onions and peppers (simply dressed with evoo and s&p) on the grill.

all gone GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE!!!!!  i cannot believe how better abbie is at trying and eating new foods... never in a million years would i have that thought my little girl (who used to... ehem, puke at the table) would be cleaning her plate like this today.  oh this food change is worth every.stinkin.whine baby and it's actually working!  albeit slowly, my kids' palates are actually changing...

let's just take a moment and bow our heads... cue the music and DANCE!!!!!

cuz i'll have have at least one or more of these "tongue-out-yucks" tonight i'm sure.  

would my family order and eat a plate full of veggies yet?  um, no, not a chance:)  

goal=someday... and i'm trying to take it slow.  patience young grasshoppah!

splish splash, processed food is takin a bath!

i hope your labor day weekend is long and lovely and full of real good food and friends.

cook it UP!!!


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  1. woohooo!!! success, and hello awesome, bring on the food source lessons! there is such a disconnect! for forever when we'd say, we are vegan people would say ok, so chicken then? HELLO! that is a bird last time i checked haha!


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