Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pizza in a cast

cast iron skillet pizza

our new go-to pizza recipe...rocks the bomb.

and you thought you had to let go of the good things in life...nope nope nope.

i am in love with my cast iron.  this is my newest addition - a 12 inch beauty.

i learned how to season it here.  i used coconut oil:)

whatchu lookin at willis?  hee hee, your eyes are funny chris.  i made him really happy with this one.

and a little band blend rosé action from little vineyards is always a wonderful pizza-pairing.


  1. I saw this on another site and was dying to make it! You know I love me some pizza! Can't wait!

  2. i need the link to your pizza recipe!!! this looks amazing, and you know us southerners LOVE our cast iron! email me the pizza info, must make ASAP!


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