Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a cash diet - day 187

have you ever done a cash diet?

well, i've tried several times and then i slide back to using credit cards.  we've been married for 12+ years and i have always done the bills.  here's the thang: when you pay the bills and are the main money spender it's quite easy to be loosey-in-the-goosey with a budget.  a.k.a have no budget.  i was an expert impulse buyer.  a very happy shopper...  chris loves to call me a "spend thrift".  ouch.

so, for some reason, during this diet change my brain decided to change too.  eating clean and buying more organic items is more expensive, however this increase cost is offset by the fact that we rarely eat out now.

more cooking=more cash.

i decided to grab my own horns and rear myself in for good.  i asked chris to take over the bills.  he was more than happy to.  i can't launder money anymore.  gasp.

the funny thing is, instead of making me feel like a juvenile who can't be trusted, it has instead given me a sense of more control, more delight when i get all my goodies under budget.  i'm rocking the casbah.  i keep all receipts (something i've never done before) put them in an envelope.  he logs them into this crazy master sheet and i don't have to worry about a thing.  he sees everything:)

it's been the most liberating thing i've ever done.

this food change has changed a lot for us...especially for me.

you could say, it helped me reign in my spending...something i've struggled to do, wanted to do for a long time...

i get my cash at the beginning of the week and when it's gone, it's gone.  money is money again and not just a swipe of the card.

i think twice before buying that super cute t-shirt or doubling up on another food item...hello, i'll be back next's not going anywhere lindsey...

so, without further ado, here is our updated grocery list.  i have logged some items under multiple stores to show where i can find them.

i have been making more soups lately...more homemade bread...i'm close to perfecting an egg free gluten free bread recipe...the bread babe will be reporting soon:)  we have also cut back on eating poultry or meat 2-3 times a week...which is down from 5+ days a week.  that has really helped the budget:)

trader joe's
udi's whole grain sandwich bread & bagels (this is reduced now with my bread making!!)
organic jam
frozen wild caught fish (usually salmon or tilapia)
organic frozen strawberries
lollypops & peppermint candy (no artificial colors!)
kind bars - peanut butter dark chocolate (i buy an entire box - non gmo)
lara bars - peanut butter chocolate chip (i bue and entire box - non gmo)
organic marinara sauce
organic coconut oil
canned light coconut milk (huge huge staple)
organic ketchup
organic mustard
organic pickles
aluminum free baking powder
organic/free range poultry when available
organic vegetable stock
organic chicken stock
organic beans (black, garbanzo, great northern, cannellini)
organic tortilla chips
agave/maple syrup (try to buy the bulk organic at cosco)
organic stone ground dark chocolate & other varieties
instant coffee
organic orange juice (i've gotten the kids down to a super small morning glass)
nitrate free turkey bacon

applegate farms oven roasted turkey (by the pound)
wholly guacamole
go go squeeze cinnamon applesauce pouches
organicville non-dairy organic gluten free ranch dressing (seriously amazing)
organic ketchup
organic barbecue sauce
organic peanut butter (or jason's)
organic strawberry jam
tinkyada pasta joy brown rice pasta (elbow and spirals are the best!)
thai brand canned whole coconut milk
kettle brand potato chips (non gmo and three ingredients)
organic tortilla chips
silk brand unsweetened almond milk
enjoy life mini chocolate chips (very clean chocolate!)

packaged dried fruit (for lunches & snacks)
bunny bars (organic gf granola bars)
organic sugar
organic olive oil
maple syrup
marathana all natural almond butter
that pickle guy classic olive muffalata
organic quinoa
skinny popcorn
angie's delightfully different kettle popcorn
kettle brand potato chips
veggie square crisps
organic diced tomatoes
organic hemp seed
organic frozen berries mix
organic rice milk
organic coconut oil (this has aroma and is a great price)
silk brand unsweetened almond milk (in packs of 3)

all ways healthy natural food store
large mixed (fruit & veggies) organic produce box
probiotics and vitamins
goji berries, chia seeds & plant based protein powder for smoothies
gluten free & vegan baking items
udi's cinnamon raisin bread
aluminum free baking powder
dandy blend instant herbal beverage
herbal teas
daiya cheeses
vegan parmesan
earth balance buttery soy free buttery spread & sticks
organic chocolate sauce (i put the tiniest amount in the kids' almond milk sometimes)
gf flours if i run out in a pinch
organic coconut palm sugar (i just got this - am hoping to replace all sugar with this low glycemic guy)
harrison's poultry farm local farm fresh eggs (they are not certified organic, but are fed an organic diet and sustainably raised...i'm telling you, these eggs are gorgeous in color and flavor)

vitacost/amazon/omega nutrition
bulk (4 box sets) gluten free flours.  (i mix up quadruple batches of a gluten free flour mix from the artisanal gluten-free cooking cookbook and store it in the fridge.  i will be doing a price comparison at our garden fresh grocery store soon.)
omega nutrition organic coconut oil (aroma free - if you're wanting to bake/cook something w/o coconut essence)

see ya later...i'm off to the grocery store...

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  1. this is an amazing shopping list, makes it so easy!! and egg free AND gluten free bread mix, can.not.wait!!!!


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