Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a mullies recap - ADHD eat my dust

are you ready to get off the merry go round?  here's a recap of the mullies day 1 through day 95

...and you know i had to add some cheesy music:)  play it kris

1.  i made the decision to go for the real food change & started the blog to hold me to it.  figured i'd give it 8 weeks.  two months.  that's it.  if there was no impact in her sensory issues, inattention, fidgeting, social behavior and ultimately academic success, and i gave it 100%, then i'd never have regrets i didn't try something before going to an ADHD doctor.  (i mean come on, if i made it through 8 weeks of an NU semester without keeling over, i could at least do this!  focus lindsey!!!).  fear check:  what if it doesn't work - i am kinda scared of drugs...what if it does work - then i have to change forever!?!?

2.  i got the support of my spouse & some close friends.  i needed them... i could not give up during the "trial" period.

3.  i cleaned out my fridge and pantry of any and all items that had artificial colors or preservatives.  i wish i had known about these links to help would have made the first purge a lot easier and i wouldn't have kept finding so many "oops" items:  the top ten additives to avoid  and a comprehensive chemical cuisine.  i threw some of the perishables out, gave some away that weren't tooooo bad and donated the rest.  yes, it was some $$ but i just looked at it as if i was cleaning out my closet...and i couldn't say, "oh, maybe i'll eat (wear) this again.  no, this is not an's poison.  (if you're not willing to do this, go back to step one.  you really haven't jumped ALL IN yet - roll up your sleeves and do it when you are ready.)  ...and before you say, "it's just too expensive...check out this link:  a real food budget on a weekly food stamp allowance.

4.  i had a family meeting about what i was doing.  here is a great link to help you explain why food dyes are toxic:  the reasons to avoid artificial food coloring & which food additives affect us the most.  since my kids are younger, i kept it simple:  food coloring is made from coal tar, which is petroleum, which is gasoline...EWWWWWWWWWWW, YUCK MOM, THAT'S GROSSSSSSSSS!  nuff said.

5.  adopted a new meal-time family policy/philosophy.  there was BIG whining at first...much discomfort on my my part that they weren't eating enough...but we all adjusted.  i would never have believed my picky eaters (including my husband) would change.  they did.  it just took me and chris being consistant, being the parents, not offering the crap anymore, not giving into the whining, being calm & firm (we aren't perfect though...), giving options and wrapping up food for later.  kids will push hard here to go back to the "good ol days".  i love this article and have read it several times... especially the last 9 points on "how to do it" a guide to feeding healthy kids.  be patient we're on day 95 and improving everyday.

5.  i took a breather.  let that first step settle for about a week or so.  i began to meal plan & cook more.  it helped me grocery shop and be more organized.  this is when panic set in a little bit.  holy ballz, i have to cook MORE!?!?  it was like getting used to running again...a little painful, and it took getting used to:)  leftovers are my friend.  i started to wear an apron & play music.  it's like getting new workout clothes/shoes and a new playlist when you makes it so much more fun.

6.  within 4-5 days of the food change, we noticed a shift at home with abbie.  she started to fidget less and actually read on her own.  no noticeable shift at school yet, so i took it to the next level and eliminated diary and gluten.  yup.  just did it.  panicked a little.  calmed down and figured one more month.  i could do it!!  within two weeks the classroom teacher noticed total, huge improvement and we all celebrated.  there was no more ADHD symptoms in our abbie.  zilch.  holy moly in my holies, it worked.

7.  i added back some gluten (spelt flour)...and she got worse.  not like she was at the beginning of the year, but she reverted back to being off-task and not paying attention.  fartbags.

now if kris is can play this one now:)  

i really should keep it for another post...but you'll just have to hear it again i guess.  it's quickly become the mullies theme song in the car and we all sing it together.  tommy sings it the best.

8.  i once again cut out gluten and she's back on track.  this article helped me to understand the relationship between gluten and ADHD.  i was thinking about doing an elimination trial of fruits and veggies that are high in salicylate, but do not feel the need to do that at this point.  i have read and heard some kids can really be sensitive to highly salicylic foods, so this would have been our next step if she was still showing symptoms.

9.  if we "slip up" and she ingests something she is sensitive to, it only lasts for about a day or so.  this is really great news.  it simply must move through her system and she's back on track.  it's like the typical expectation that the kids are going to be crazy the day after halloween...:)  she also is beginning to realize how these substances in food effect her which is beautiful!

10.  i'm spreading the real food love and singing it to the mullies.  i am not a doctor or a nutritionist.  i am a mom who decided to do try something different.  whether ADHD touches your family not, i hope the real food message touches your family somehow like it has ours.  research might never be done on this.  how can you set up a double blind study when it comes to real families, real lives, personalities and genetics?  i didn't want to wait for the next conclusive study.  my kids are 3, 6 and 8 years old.  i'm 35 and my husband will be turning the big 40 soon.  i don't have much time left with them at home.  i want to make it count.  the mullies is going by fast.  start falling in love with real food, kick up some dust with me, i'm right there with you:)


  1. such a good post!! great to see how the process has progressed and especially given such a good outcome all the way around (;

  2. This is basically what we went through with our son. I've been reading over your blog and I love it! I love your style of blogging (writing)-you are so funny. I'm so glad you saw results by changing your daughter’s much better than drugs. And it's a great thing to teach your are what you eat and what you eat DOES affect your body. Your children are very lucky ;o) I look forward to your posts.

    1. So happy I found you and your blog Christin! It's a wonderful thing to find someone else in the rabbit hole with you:) Happy New Year!!


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