Tuesday, November 6, 2012

should we be eating gmo's? - genetically modified food

a must watch tonight

the rabbit hole is just getting bigger for me!!!!

check out this list from the feingold organization.  it will make you nauseous.
food companies actually pay to keep this information away from us.  check out how much

i just discovered the real food channel and i'm loving it.

the video is shown on either link i have posted:)

halloween for us went great.  the candy magically disappeared the next day and the grandparents took the kiddos out for a little shopping over the weekend while we were away on a weekend getaway. 
the plan worked like a charm! 

we counted about 350 pieces of candy
now that's a haul
and so happy it's not sitting in the tummies!!!


  1. Amazing Linds, so happy for you. You heard the voices and listened to them. Can't wait to hear more about your ambassadorship. Mark my words, we will all be attending your first book signing in 2 years or less!

    1. you're crazy meg! but i love the energy...LOVE IT!!!! foodie mamas unite:)!!!! xoxoxo


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