Thursday, November 8, 2012

abbie update - day 61

yesterday, i went to abbie's school to have our last team meeting.  never in my wildest dreams did i think the crazy train i started two months ago would land us here today on day 61.  i felt like pinching myself a few times in my chair, is this really happening!?  OMG, this really really worked!!!  to think, our last meeting was on sept 19 and we were all sitting together in the danger zone, red flag, hello, this little girl needs major help and we gotta stop dicking around (my words, not theirs:).

the meeting was one BIG celebration with her classroom teacher, social worker, reading teacher, psychologist and two other resource teachers.  abbie will no longer be needing to meet with the social worker and she will continue to get reading resource help in tier 2 (no longer tier 3!).  looking back, the inappropriate social behavior abbie was showing since kindergarten was probably the most shocking for chris and i to hear about.   what do you mean she isn't making friends?!  what do you mean she is not responding appropriately?!  for over a month now, she has been behaving and responding like a normal 1st grader...the news is just music to our ears.  she is making progress with her reading and staying on task...sometimes, it's hard to even break her out of her concentration!  holy wow batman.

her classroom teacher put it perfectly, 
"the abbie that we all knew was inside of her is finally out there for us all to see".  

i am forever changed with food.  all the magazine articles, books, movies, utube, tv spots of was all there in front of me before our day 1.  all of it.  they were all just little voices & flashes that would come and go...all saying, "yada yada yada" and i just went on my merry way.  

i would respond a number of ways to the food information out there, dr oz, food inc, jamie oliver, supersize me, etc:  oh, that would be too hard and too expensive.  my kids like the food i give them.  i like the food i eat...don't touch my food or judge me, how dare you, you food SNOB!?!  that just doesn't apply to me or my kids.  we are normal.  why would the food companies want to hurt us?  ...stay away from processed food?  what?  yea right, where did i put my cheetos...mmmm.  let's go to mcdonalds!!!  maybe next month i'll change when my f'ing life slows down.  i don't have the time and i do not feel like cooking tonight...tomorrow, yea tomorrow.  chicken nuggets again anyone?  wait, or even better little ceasars!!!!!  maybe i'll make a salad for myself.

hahahahahahahaha, oh man...i did love, and still crave those mcdonald's is possible you could find me huddled in a corner someday, stuffing myself with fries yelling "don't touch me!!!!".

i would never have done this if not for my panicked moment 61 days ago: "i have to do something, anything... before we start pharmaceuticals".  after all of this, i truly believe that abbie could have come out of this needing something more... and hello dr, i'd be calling you yesterday:)  i'm a research girl.  if it's not proven, well, it's not broke so don't fix it.

so now that our little experiment is "over" and my hypothesis has been proven, i am left asking myself: 
"so what the hell-holio are you going to do with this amazing, life altering experience/information?"  

well, here's my plan:  
1. keep blogging..perhaps a little less frequently though:)
2. take baby steps into being one of the best volunteer food revolution ambassadors out there (that's right folks, my application was accepted by the jamie oliver team!).
3. try to be sane, realistic & down to earth while spreading the word about how food changed abbie's life and our family's life forever.   
4.  i'm pretty good with social cues... hopefully i'll know when to shut up.  

i am now one of the "yada yada yada's".

hang on to your butts, 

this is gonna be fun.


  1. such perfect news!!! wohoooooo! little abbie is shining (; and no drugs needed! congrats miss food ambassador and a huge holla to you for jumping in with both feet! xoxo, t.

    1. holla back girl! thanks so much t, so glad you are along swimming with me:) xoxo

  2. LOVE that you have done this and LOVE that it is working. More parents should do it the hard way before throwing their kids on meds! A food ambassador, that is so cool! I am a firm believer in healthy food and the difference it makes on kids! Keep it up!

  3. Yay for Abigael, Mommy, and the whole family! So fantastic!


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