Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dippy dinner

tried something new tonight.  
tuesday is flag football night and nowadays, almost every night is wacked out, right!?
here's a fast & healthy dinner or lunch or snack i guess...why didn't i think of this before!?

cut up apples, oranges, carrots, celery and red pepper and put them out on a platter.  
i also diced up an avocado with s&p in bowls (their fav).  
i had exactly three carrot muffins left for each kiddo.
then i added the dippies:
red pepper hummus
almond butter
salsa & chips

now this night could be expanded to be sooooo much fun!!!!  and it would be easy for my hubby to prepare this without me...even bettah.

so easy, fast, simple...filled with good things and the kid get to choose.  
everyone had to try a bite of something they didn't want (my only rule). 
to have more of something, i told them they had to try the bite of the "disgusting one".  
it totally works. blackmail:)

tommy came back to the table at about 6:45 and chowed.  i'm telling you...this new philosophy for my picky eaters works.  thank you sister for passing the link along.

and here is a book review that i was told to read before my big switcheroo...
which i think i should read now:)

i fricken love not having to be at war with my kids at the dinner table.  


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