Tuesday, October 2, 2012

day 24

this cooking thing... it is a lot.

i was like a madwoman yesterday trying to get everything done before i had to go to to my lessons.

this is still so new to everyone involved, including myself.... and i tell you what, you need a big cup of courage to do this.

this post spoke to me...be brave lindsey, because life rewards the brave.  word.

...getting rid of all that "bad" food, being acutely aware of the new "crazy food mom" card on my forehead, hoping that this will continue to work, figuring out how to deal with going places and eating well away from home...it's a lot to take in...and then there's keeping my apron on...hollah bollah collah.

make sure you cook to music.  it really helps.  and strengthen your backbone.  

i think i am getting used to it, and perhaps one of these days i'll have this sweet rotating menu.  how great would that be?  to have kids super excited about eating a dish vs. wondering what crap she's gonna make tonight.  kinda fast weekday meals & more prep weekend meals.

pretty please, with a cherry (no artificial color) on top.

here's what the mullies had for dinner for monday night football

i remembered an old episode of rachel ray chopping up leeks and putting them in a bowl of water to clean the grimy suckers...do it, it works!!
btw, i have never purchased leeks before, it was in my big 'ol organic box of goodies.  

the emersion blender.  it's a must have...i could soooo make a joke...hee hee!  

it looks like green puke.  at least the swirl of almond milk made it look kinda pretty, for a second.
i will not use as much of the green tops next time to help keep the color of the soup stay white-potatoey and not pea soup greeney.

let me tell you, this was delicious.  but the kids rarely have homemade soup (chicken noodle was my last one a longggggg time ago) let alone looking like green slime...  

mac liked it, abbie and tommy ate a few bites.  which is fine, cuz i looove leftover soup!

potato leek notes:  
i used a combo of chicken broth and beef broth because it's what i had on hand (regular bouillon cubes are filled with msg and i certainly did not have vegan ones laying around).  

I used almond milk instead of soy.

carrot cupcakes saved the day.  
these little mothers are awesome.

carrot muffin notes:
i found gluten free 1-1 flour at williams sonoma.  the only hiccup with that is it has milk powder in it and i'm trying to be dairy free...i used it anyway.  cringe.  whine.  it was towards the end of the ingredient list.  note to self:  figure out my own blend that is dairy free & just like it:)  

i couldn't find dates, so i used figs instead...now i know what is in a fig newton:)

i didn't use raisins.

4 ingredient oat squares are crazy awesome.

you better believe i will be making these ALOT.  so easy, so good!!!

oat bar notes:
i did not use any additional spices but will next time.

i used evoo to grease the pan and it worked fab.

i used the figs instead of dates.

i'm figgin tired.


  1. wow. crazy busy cooking on your end, i applaud all of your effort!! especially with picky eaters... and you're so right, that soup did not look very pretty. at all. but i'm sure it tasted great (; maybe not as good as the muffins.... xo. t.

  2. Those oat bars look delic!


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