Sunday, September 9, 2012

tonight at my lover store

i have n.e.v.e.r been in and out of target so fast in my life.  you know how many times i have read, "stick to the outside of the store cuz it's healthier".  i pretty much did that.  ok, so there are a few items in my cart that i got from the inner "kill you" isles, but cut me some slack jack.  it is my first time doing this at my crack store and i love chips.

i spent $160 today at target.  about $170 yesterday at trader joes.  now i am not even going to think about the $$$ i just donated and threw out, that is just silly.

my cart tonight.  kinda makes me slap happy.


the pears are so pretty aren't they?  i haven't bought them in over a year.  supposedly, they are low in salicylat which is linked to ants in the pants and found in many common fruits like apples, cherries, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers.  am i going to cut those fruits out?  no way, but i thought, why not add in a fruit that doesn't have it?!  and i'm going to cool it with the oj in the morning for a month:)

my kids were surprisingly cool about this whole thing that i have done for A DAY.  this is what catherine told me to say to them and it worked: "food coloring = petroleum = gas/oil we put in our cars = poison for our bodies.  it's not healthy to eat it and mother dearest did her homework.  some of us have worse reactions than others, so we're gonna be healthy and not eat anymore wire hangers, kapeesh?"

yea yea, i can hear you thinking...what the WHAT is that perdue chicken doing in there?  (cuz i am thinking that myself).  baby steps, baby steps.  it was the best of the bunch and i can't let the lazy mom dinner go byebye yet, kay!?  and yes, tiffany, i will be going to the library this week and renting forks over knives.  after that, who knows what i'll do to my food next:)


  1. forks over knives.. you're going to love it! and hooray for all of the good changes you're making for your kiddos.. who knows what you'll learn! xo, t.

  2. i'm slowly catching up to your ass:)


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