Sunday, September 9, 2012

day 1

technically, it's day 2 of the change.  I woke up yesterday, called my neighbor catherine and asked, "what did you do!?"

so she told me, outlined our new plan.  i shopped at trader joes with my new little list.  and with gusto i cleaned out my fridge & pantry.  i donated or threw out anything with artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.  did my husband freak out?  yes, a little.  now he's ok, at least for now. it's sunday fun day.

does my daughter have adhd?  probably.  my plan was to call the doctor tomorrow and get the whole diagnostic procedures set up.  instead, i'm going to try this for a month.  and we'll just see.  I heard and read of so much success from families who have made this simple, but not so simple change.  catherine's experience was a slam dunk.  so i have laced up my high tops, pulled on my sweatbands and am in the damn game.

will it make a difference for my kids?  i hope so.  i have decided to share our adventure for a variety of reasons.  one of my very best friends in the whole world, tiffany has a blog and i love it.  to death.  will i love it?  not sure.  i never really had a desire to write about anything.  she is my inspiration in starting this, for i never followed a blog before hers.  no one knows i'm doing this today, no one.  not even my hubby.  i just decided 30 minutes ago.  literally.  and here i am.  i like to jump in without any clothes on baby.  i also like to dance and accidentally drop wine glasses on the floor because i groove with utter & complete abandon.  i have done it twice now.  oops.

i'm not sure what all this will turn into.  even if i will make it past day 1.  maybe i will post about other things someday.  maybe.

to the mullies i say.  the mullies is any place you want it to be.  it is a place my sister and i would shout to while swinging and jumping on our swingset.  i don't know where it came from. we just made it up one day.  all i know is that we would follow each other to the mullies every time and got a lot of grass stains.  this is me and her on our swing set...  "TO THE MULLIES!"   i really love to jump and i really love my mullies.  my life.  to the mullies i say.


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    1. oh no, i deleted it...i have no idea what i'm doing...

  2. oh my dear what have i done!? so excited to be with you and hello blogland!!!:)

  3. Yeah! chimmie, so happy to read about your adventures! You are so crazy!

  4. Yea! Crazy like a FOX. ok, I promise not to delete your comment:)


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