Friday, September 21, 2012

friday the 13th day

how perrrty is that box of organic wonderfulness!?  

i used a stalk of that rainbow chard there on top (yea, never bought that before!) in a fruit smoothie last night and NOBODY knew it was in there.  hehehhehhheeeeeee.  
(insert my evil laugh)

for dinner last night we had spagetti with my favorite trader giotto's bolognese sauce, chicken nuggets and mandarine oranges.  the biggest thing i have been surprised about is how i've been able to replace virtually everything we have eaten before with healthier options.  the most frequent response to what i'm doing sounds something like this:

"well, what the heck are you going to eat!?"  "those children must be starving!"

in their heads it sounds more like, "what the fuck is she doing!? this is way overboard lady."

 now that i'm really paying attention, the kids are getting more calcium, more protein and more nutrients than they were getting before.   but i get it, i thought the same thing 13 days ago.   

lunch update:

Since we have gone further with the elimination diet and included gluten and diary, here's what has changed for the kids:

udi's white bread (it's different, but they like it!) 
earth balance natural buttery spread - soy free 
coconut chocolate milk
amande cultured almond milk strawberry (new today)
so delicious cultured coconut milk vanilla (new today)

since this is not celiac we're dealing with, i am not sanitizing my kitchen or getting a new toaster.  i still give my youngest butter and regular bread, not so concerned with him.

i made homemade walnut milk yesterday!  i used in the smoothies last night and this morning.  seriously delish:)  my dad got the recipe from dr oz!

homemade walnut milk

soak 1 cup walnuts for at least 1 hour (i soaked mine overnight cuz i forgot)
drain them.
add 3 cups of water
pinch of salt
(add vanilla or other sweetener if you'd like, i didn't use any)
blend in the nutri bullet
optional: strain the pulp (cheese cloth would work too)

i found a link for what to do with nut pulp.  perhaps i'll try something from that list.

can you hear the kumbaya singers in the background or what!?


  1. the rainbow chard looks amazing!! and i can hear the singing... (:

  2. I can't wait to visit the test kitchen!


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