Thursday, September 20, 2012

day 12

let the data collection begin!

yesterday i went to a school meeting for miss abbie.  we had several last year so it was nice to know everyone there.  the most exciting part about the meeting for me (with my nerd speech and language background) is that the reading data collected so far this year is prior to the diet change. it is also consistant with where she was at the end of last year.  will there be a change at school like there has been at home? oh boy i hope so.

i'm going all in with her elimination diet.  artificial colors & preservatives, dairy and gluten.  gulp.  for at least 6-8 weeks.  cuz here's the thing, if it doesn't work, then we'll go back to being "normal" after two months of really going ballz to the wallz.  if it does work....well, hello my little miracle.  did i mention that this is hard?  but i am so motivated and so excited by the changes so far at home that i'm going to keep plugging along before our next move.  

the other decision i have made is that i am going to hold off on the homeopathic/attention pill until we can see how the food is effecting things.  i want to be able to pull apart the two know, keep my variables in check.

i am just so grateful for the work and effort this team of teachers and educators are putting into helping abbie.  our next meeting is nov 7, and each week until then, data will be collected on reading skills, paying attention, etc.  oh yea, a nerd's dream.

she is currently testing a full grade level behind in reading as of the beginning of the school year.  so hold to your sweet cheeks everybody, the countdown has started.

the most colorful din din last night:

i pretty much followed the recipe to a T and just substituted the shrimp with huge-ola scallops.  

have my children ever had this...ah yea no...HA!  i loved loved loved it btw:)

my adventurous mac tried the scallops and loved em.  "tastes like meat!" the orange stuff is julienned sweet potatoes...and i will definitely be trying the leftovers with gluten free pasta tonight!!! 

my little tommy ate three good bites.  i had to feed him though (i really want to break this habit, but he's only three and this plate was a stretch for him), and he ate them! 

my "if it looks different i'm gonna puke" abbie had a really tough time with this one.  major major drama.  she cried, she tried a bite and had to spit it out in hysterics.  i told her she needed to calm down and to go up to her room to put her pj's on.  then she came down with this note for me.

i am so sorry mommy.  i didn't mean to spoil the food.  love you mommy, from abbie.
(notice the name header & the date!)

oh gosh, made me well up.  seriously.

later that night she had a handful of almonds and five leftover strips of bacon from the counter.  

she loves bacon:)


i get to pick up my first large organic mixed produce box today from All Ways Healthy!  yippeeeee, gonna try some veggie smoothies tonight.  maybe i'll call it our mad scientist smoothie night:)


  1. Her letter was just the sweetest! Keep plugging away... you are an awesome Mommy and so glad to have you as a FRIEND!

    1. wasn't it!? i'm plugging:0 and the feeling is sooooo mutual!!!


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