Saturday, April 23, 2016

No Guts No Glory - Fremd Wellness Week

Thank you Fremd High School for having me as a Wellness Week Speaker - What an honor to speak to your students and staff on Wednesday!

I knew I was "home" when I arrived to meet everyone and the song Geronimo came on. Last year for Food Revolution Day, I made this video with it. The song reminds me of the jump we all make when we leave the processed food highway and the waterfall of food education spreading all around us. I listen to it almost everyday...

It was a pleasure to meet the Physical Education teachers & coaches who ran the event. I have to give a special thank you to Coach Allie Miccuci (Softball & Golf) who extended the invitation to me and Coach Jason Hogrefe (Basketball) for running the auditorium sound stage. I think one of the favorite moments was reconnecting with a former travel softball teammate, Coach Christine Vlaming (Golf). She and I played together on an elite all-star travel team (The Barrington Hurricanes) over 20 years ago and you can imagine the HUGE hug I gave her. There are truly no coincidences in life!

Athletics + Food Education = My Passion Combination

It's pretty fun to connect with staff and students over the two common topics that thread and shape our lives. We exhale a little bit together to realize we're ALL going through similar struggles. We're in the trenches together.

What's in our food?

Where's our food coming from?

What is our Microbiome?

How can cooking from scratch more often improve our lives?

I love drawing the parallel between sports and food. I love making people laugh. I love learning how to teach food education better everyday.

I will be posting here more often about our local and global team's upcoming plans to help YOU celebrate with us on May 20th, Food Revolution Day!

Sign up here to join Jamie Oliver's global campaign with me and my family table.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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  1. I came to your presentation and absolutely loved it! I am in the process of deciding what to study and where next year, and your presentation got me even more interested in the body and everything that goes on. Thank you for coming!


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