Thursday, May 7, 2015

52tries | Week 18 + Food Revolution Day in Chicagoland

Lots of pics to go with my week 18 52tries post - read all about my family table meal planning + cooking here.

You can find all of the delicious Food Revolution Day Recipes (including the ones I cooked up for this week) here.

Find Elyse Wagner's New Smoothie Secrets Revealed Cookbook here.

Find the 52 New Foods Challenge Cookbook here.

Can you believe we have just over before Food Revolution Day 2015 hits!?

Follow our Lake County Food Revolution Facebook page here and keep up with us!

Find Chicago's Green City Market information here and start salivating over Jared's awesome wood fired pizza. Our "squash-it" pizzas are gonna be amazeballs!!!

Find Liberty Prairie Crossing Plant Sale and Farm Open House information here.

Learn more about Chicago's successful Pilot Light Chefs Food Education Organization here.

I am ridiculously excited to hit PLAY - I need a sweet new song to jam out to in my kitchen:)


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