Tuesday, January 20, 2015

a #52tries SURPRISE!

i love when an idea takes flight.

#52tries was a hashtag dreamt up by tiffany, for a meal planning quest sparked up by me.

together, we decided it was so much bigger than us. 

so we created something for all of us.

welcome to 52tries.com (we explain how it all went down)

read tiffany's week 3 post here and my week 3 post here

tuesday will continue to be our joint posting day!

it's the new home of our 2015 meal planning adventures and many others. read about our team of contributors here (and watch for it to grow!) #52tries can be about all sorts of things challenging, meal planning and otherwise!

my girlfriend tiffany and i have been busy, manic little beavers, collaborating away this past week. she built the website, started the twitter account and crafted our pinterest page + boards

i tell you what, this girl is good.

welcome to our #52tries party.

“are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?” 
let’s begin again, each week. 
light me up with #52tries.



the mullies will continue to be a cozy, personal home of my growing food rev adventures, the place where i post whatever i want you lovelies to all know about, and most especially "the mullies sister kitchen" adventures coming soon this week or next! katie and i are on a mission to link & grow our family tables together this year.

to the mullies we go...

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  1. (; i can't wait to watch and read about your adventures with katie, i LOVE the concept of cooking the exact same recipes with someone further from us than we wish they were - to make the miles in between you seem a little less so!


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