Tuesday, November 25, 2014

mr big's food diary #2 - real food at work


Food Diary Two

So it has been a few weeks since my last confessional er um I mean update in my food change. 

I have certainly made great strides in my daily food change when I would typically have a few Coke a day and eat what some people (yes you Lindsey) would call the devils food. 

Over the past few weeks I have managed to cut down, not completely, but cut down my Coke consumption. You know, some people have their morning coffee ...

On the food front I have made the best strides as I have all but eliminated gluten (aka bread) from my typical lunch options. This has been surprisingly difficult as I have realized that 70% of what I was eating was some form of bread. Donuts, bagels, cereal for breakfast and then lunch was a combo of sub sandwiches, pizza or burgers with bun. 

What has assisted most has been to simply not visit the lunch spots with menus that will tempt me to the dark side. So rather than the Potbelly, Jimmy John, Portillos, Chick Filet, etc, I am now frequenting Chipotle or Jason Deli. Both if these spots have gluten-free breads for the sandwiches and they don't have the dreadful but always delicious french fries. 

This week I have been traveling every day which means eating out for EVERY meal.  Fortunately I've been traveling to BBQ land in Kansas and Missouri so my go to meal has been meat and veggies. I swear - I have been ordering veggies every night at dinner.  In future I'll make sure to take Lindsey-esque photos of this. 

So the food change is real. It has not been 100% but it has been a huge adjustment that I am looking forward to continuing.


ahhhhhhhh i love you babe!  ...even though you beat me by 1.5 points last night in our fantasty football game.  i think you cheated. 

and i SWEAR, i do not call it "devil's food"!!!!!

hahahahahahahahaha.... i like to be naughty with food too;)

i am so happy he's home! 



why are we cutting back on wheat?  nerd out with me and read this lovely article: glyphosate and wheat

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