Friday, February 14, 2014

pour some coconut yogurt on me

that was yesterday testing the whole shabang out.  oh mama i'm home.  

i was super excited the day i got my new yogurt maker at my bunny's suggestion... and super stoked to try it out.  why homemade coconut yogurt?  2 reasons: 1. mac tolerates and loves sheep's milk yogurt, but he is allergic to casein and i should really avoid it.  2. it's expensive at almost $6 bucks a pop for 16 oz!  we were going through 4 tubs a week and that adds UP fast per month.  so we figured the machine would pay for itself in less than two months when you figure the cost of buying the coconut milk and the other ingredients.    

so, i started experimenting:  the first batch was great but way too watery, second batch batch was grainy with too much arrowroot and didn't taste tart at all.  the 3rd batch was flat out gross (almond milk did not work).

wed was my 4th try. 

i wasn't having a very good day wednesday.  patience was not my middle name.  between trying to get the kids organized for dinner, evening activities and leaving to work at my pitching clinic... triple oyes. if you could get into my head, this is what it would have sounded like: 

"what the f am i doing!?  slaving away at this stupid homemade yogurt!?  who do i think i am?  i can't even find a decent recipe to follow online... argh... i'd like to take this gumption and stick it right up the yogurt maker's butt."

and then came a new day - to the mullies i say...

i finally got the swing of it!

homemade coconut yogurt
(i did find this article helpful!)

2 cans full fat coconut milk (i used organic)
1 can light coconut milk 
2 T arrowroot starch
2 tsp powdered pectin + 2 tsp calcium water (both provided in the box!) *key texture ingredient
1 packet yogo brand yogurt starter packet (or 4 tablets of pro-biotic powder, which is what i used in my first round and it worked great!... just open them up to get the powder!)
1.  combine and begin heating all three cans of coconut milk in a small saucepan until smooth. 
2.  once smooth, set aside 1/2 of milk & make the "slurry": mix the 2 cups of milk + 2 T arrowroot  mix 3.  heat to 180 degrees
4.  add slurry back to heated milk and fully incorporate
5.  let cool to 110 degrees
6.  take 2 c of milk and place in blender or nutribullet.  
5.  to the blender: add 2 tsp powdered pectin + 2 tsp calcium water + yogurt starter/pro-biotic powder and blend for at least 30 sec to make sure fully and utterly incorporated.
6.  add 2 cups back to the to the rest of the milk and mix thoroughly.  (if you have room in your blender mix it all together!)
7.  pour into your yogurt maker and enjoy the best damn coconut yogurt e.v.e.r.

strawberry-granola-coconut-yogurt parfaits with honey
layer the following:
cut strawberries
and repeat

you could add in so many other wonderful things... blueberries, peaches, raspberries, bananas, oh my... knock your socks off!

here is the fam this morning for a v-day breakfast of champions.  i had two helpings:)

happy valentine's day my little love bugs.

cheers to getting some fabulous sexy sauce tonight:)



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  1. up the yogurt makers butt! so, with all of the steps to make the yogurt, still worth it??


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