Wednesday, January 8, 2014

living & eating real in america

the storms have retreated... but i am always ready for more.  it's winter, so bring it.

did you see the google chat yesterday with the 3 top chef's & "captains" of the food revolution?

i loved watching and listening to jamie oliverann cooper and alice waters talk about the future of the food revolution.  here is the link in case you missed it.

i think i audibly sucked in my breath and fogged up the computer screen when a question came in at the end about GMO's.  oye's cubed.

that is such a difficult, complicated... loaded question.  it's a hot seat.

"When future historians come to write about our era they are not going to write about the tons of chemicals we did or didn't apply. When it comes to glyphosate they are going to write about our willingness to sacrifice our children and to jeopardize our very existence by risking the sustainability of our agriculture; all based upon failed promises and flawed science.

The only benefit is that it affects the bottom-line of a few companies. There's no nutritional value."

- dr don huber

if you'd like to read more, here is the mercola article i took that quote from.  read, bookmark and pass this one along.  it is excellent and from 2011 (i still had my head up my ass in 2011).  if you want to research more on your own, google this:  "glyphosate and gut bacteria" 

i love the question that was posed by author michael pollen and the answer given by harry balzer, a food industry expert he interviewed in his book cooked (my current nightstand read):

mp: "how, in an ideal world, might we begin to undo the damage that the modern diet of industrially prepared food has done to our heath?"

hb: "easy, you want americans to eat less?  i have the diet for you.  cook it yourself.  eat anything you want - just as long as you're willing to cook it yourself."

well alrighty then.

jamie, ann and alice answered the OMG-GMO question perfectly.  they are leading the globe in a food revolution to eat more REAL food (organic when you can) from as many local & sustainable sources as possible, to start cooking from scratch with your friends and family and to get food nutrition back in our schools where it belongs.  it takes care of the debate

real work+real food+real play=america's food revolution 2014

let's have some fun while we're working to solve this huge food problem we've gotten ourselves into.

i can change the equation with every dollar i spend.  food patriots don't wait for legislation.  even if one can only make a 10% change to a household budget, it's worth it for our children and the unborn generations to come.

there is no destination... let's start living and eating real in america. 


living in america - james brown


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